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The COPM Web-App is a dynamic electronic outcome measure that is designed to be compatible with electronic health and client records.

The COPM Web-App is based on the CANADIAN OCCUPATIONAL PERFORMANCE MEASURE (COPM) and authorized by the COPM authors (Law, Baptiste, Carswell, McColl, Polatajko & Pollock, 1991-2014). The COPM is an individualized, client-centred outcome measure. It is an evidence-based measure designed to capture a client's self-perception of performance in everyday living, and changes in performance over time. Originally published in 1991, it is reliable and valid, and used in over 40 countries and has been translated into over 35 languages.

Using the COPM Web-App, you can complete the COPM electronically. The COPM Web-App creates a brief, informative, two-page report that can be saved in PDF format and shared with other members of your team through the electronic health record. You can append the results of a COPM assessment to any electronic health record, add new results at reassessment, and archive files for future reference.

About the COPM

The COPM Web-App is designed to be compatible with professional and regulatory requirements for privacy and security.

Security features include:

To get started...

If you would like to use the COPM Web-App in your practice, there are two ways you can sign up:

*If you are you part of an organization that uses the COPM Web-App, please consult your Account Manager. Do not sign up directly through the site.


# measures purchased Total cost (CAD) Unit cost (CAD)
100 measures $25.00 $0.25 per measure
300 $65.00 $0.22
500 $110.00 $0.22
1000 $220.00 $0.22
5000 $1,000.00 $0.20

Export Tool

Account managers (group owner) can purchase the Export Tool for a one-time fee of $400 plus applicable taxes. This feature enables the account manager to export all COPM measures completed by your organization in order to analyse results. The exported data is in a csv data file that can easily be read by Excel and common statistical analysis packages.

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